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Democracy to a League of Democracies

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Peter Davidse

Director of World Federalist Beweging Nederland

Peter Davidse learned about world federalism and world citizenship during his service as draft military officer in the army of the Netherlands. It is much better for mankind to organize itself in a democratic, hierarchical way. Let parliaments and courts speak, not arms and military forces. He has a masters degree in macro economics with his thesis on the idea of Pieter Kooistra on alleviating poverty by ‘An additional basic income organized and distributed by the United Nations Organization’. And a bachelor degree in Information technology. Work: Teacher, director of World Federalist Beweging Nederland – WFBN (1992-2000), ICT programmer and consultant. He presently lives in Paris, France. At 60 years of age he became a life member of WCAA because he believes it will take at least several decades for democratic world government by world citizens to become reality, but it can be attained in the 21st century.