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The Coalition for a World Security Community is incorporated in the District of Columbia (United States) and New South Wales (Australia).


A/Prof Chris Hamer


Didier Jacobs




Ralph Pullmann


Silvia Solidoro


Luiz Bispo


John Davenport


Jake Sanders



Richard Ponzio

Director of the Just Security 2020 Program and a Senior Fellow at the Stimson Institute.

Olivier D’Argenlieu

President, World Citizens March

Daryl Le Cornu

Education Director, World Citizens Association of Australia


Ton Macel

Translator, Vice-President of Wereld Federaklisten Beweging Nederland.

Farsan Ghassim

Doctoral candidate, University of Oxford.

Peter Davidse

Has worked in civil society and as an IT professional for multinationals.

Ralph Pullmann

Entrepreneur. Nationality: USA.

Chris Powers

Chris Powers, Vice Chair, Federal Union (UK) and Treasurer, JEF (Europe). Chris Powers is a Federalist based in England and Treasurer of the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe).

Allen Luke

Marketing and commercialization strategist. Expertise in branding, messaging and marketing communications for many non-profits and public service organizations promoting positive change.

Dr. Zeny Edwards

Architectural historian; immediate past Director, UNAA Peace Program, past President of the National Trust of Australia, now serving as Vice-Chair of the Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance.

Didier Jacobs

Senior Policy Advisor, Oxfam America. author of Global Democracy: The Struggle for Political and Civil Rights in the 21st Century (Vanderbilt University Press, 2007).

Brett Samuel

IT consultant; media committee, World Citizens Association of Australia.

Richard Ponzio

Director of the Just Security 2020 Program and a Senior Fellow at the Stimson Institute.

Richard Rosecrance

Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Dr. Wali Islam

Vice-President, World Citizens Association of Australia, and Director, WCA Aid program in Bangladesh.

Chris Hamer

Honorary Associate Professor in Physics, University of New South Wales. Treasurer, Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance; President, World Citizens Association of Australia

Austin Mackell

Freelance journalist, CEO of Write In Stone Pty Ltd. Council member, World Citizens Association of Australia.

James Yunker

Professor of Economics (retired), Western Illinois University (Macomb, Illinois). Author of several books on the idea of a Federal Union of Democratic Nations.

Silvia Solidoro

Research Associate, European University Institute, Fiesole, Florence, Italy; Lecturer and Teaching Assistant, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.

John Davenport

Professor of Philosophy and Director of Peace and Justice Studies (2014-16) at Fordham University in New York City.

Radhiga Dey

Public servant, New South Wales Government and Justice of the Peace in NSW. Treasurer, World Citizens Association of Australia.

Michelle Cavanagh

Historian, Researcher, Writer; author of: Margaret Holmes The Life and Times of an Australian Peace Campaigner.

Brian Hyouk Son

Project Officer (Regional Programmes), Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, Australia. Social Media Manager, United Nations SDG Action Campaign based in New York and Global Goals Mexico.

Pera Wells

Retired diplomat, former Secretary-General of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (2006-9); Vice-President of the Australian Council for Human Rights Education; Board Member of the Institute for Economics and Peace; Distinguished Fellow of the Australia India Institute; Member of the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

Titus Alexander, FRSA, UK

Honorary Fellow, Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics

Daniel Hinšt, Croatia (EU)

Political Scientist and policy analyst; co- founder and Vice President of the think tank, Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis (CEA); leader of the project Detektor focused on analyzing disinformation risks for liberal democratic policies and institutions.

Dion Sampson, Australia

Co-founder, VR Democracy. Mission: ‘Strengthening democracy through civic education’.

Dr. Quoc-Hung Tran, Vietnam

Vice-President, Vietnam Democracy Center

Guy Kennedy, Australia

Co-founder, VR Democracy. Mission: ‘Strengthening democracy through civic education’.

Reinaldo Rodriguez Hernandez, Chile

President, Movimiento Unido por la Defenza de los Derechos Humanos

Gesa Mike Munabi, Uganda

Students for Global Democracy Uganda. Nationality: Uganda.

Daniel Blewitt

Co-founder, Young World Federalists. Founder United Republic of Humankind. Nationality: Australia.

Nils Brander

PhD. candidate Copenhagen University, focusing on surveillance society. Nils also has a mechanical background and restores, sells classic motorcycles. Nationality: Denmark.

Afroza Begum

Executive Director of “Study Support Australia”. Nationality: Bangladesh/Australia.

Luiz Bispo

Secretary, World Citizens Association of Australia, Communications Director WFM-IGP. Nationality: Brazil.

Sandra Coyle

Former Executive Director WFM-IGP. Nationality: US.

Mohammed Haque

Founder, Peace and Justice Alliance. Nationality: Canada.

Andreas Bummel

Co-founder and Director of Democracy Without Borders, and of the international campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.Nationality: Germany.

Ronald Chikwenhere

Research and Advocacy Officer at Bridging The Gap Botswana. Nationality: Botswana.

Fernando Iglesias

Co-President of the World Federalist Movement WFM-IGP. He served as a Member of Parliament in Argentina (2007-2011 and 2017-2021). He is the Director of the campaign for a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court Against Transnational Organized Crime (COPLA), and Co-Chair of the UNPA campaign’s Parliamentary Advisory Group. He is also a founding member of Democracia Global – Movimiento por la Unión Sudamericana y el Parlamento Mundial and directs the Altiero Spinelli Chair for Regional Integration at the Consorzio Universitario Italiano per l’Argentina. Nationality: Argentina.

Daryl Le Cornu

Education Director, World Citizens Association of Australia, former Vice-President of UNAA NSW. Nationality: Australian.

Nico Andreas Heller

Founder and CEO of the Democracy School. Presenter of the Reboot2030 Dialogues on Youtube. Nationality: Germany.

Reinaldo Rodriguez Hernandez

President of the Movimiento Unido por la Defenza de los Derechos Humanos. Nationality: Cuba.

Domenico Moro

Former director of the Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies of Ventotene. Currently member of the Federal Committee of UEF and of the Executive Bureau of UEF-Italy. Also responsible for security and defense problems of the Centro Studi sul Federalismo. Nationality: Italian.

Lucio Levi

Professor of Political Science and Comparative Politics at the University of Torino, Italy. He is also Scientific Director of the International Democracy Watch promoted by the Centre for Studies on Federalism, and Member of the Federal Committee of the Union of European Federalists. He is a Former President of the European Federalist Movement in Italy (2009-2015). Nationality: Italy.

Paul Manning

Retired US Army, combat experience in Panama, worked for IBM in Hong Kong and China. Security consultant based in HK working for multinational clients such as Voerst Alpine Group, Saudi Aramco, Stora Enso Ltd. Also executive protection for sports and entertainment celebrities visiting Asia. Nationality: US.

Amy Oloo

Executive Director, World Federalist Movement WFM-IGP. Nationality: Kenya.

Camilla Schippa

Founding Director of the Institute for Economics and Peace, which produces the annual Global Peace Index. Former Chief of the UN Partnerships Office. Nationality: Swedish/Italian.

Dr Keith Suter

International lawyer, former President of World Federalists Association of Australia, member of the Club of Rome. Nationality: Australian.

John Vlasto

Chair, Executive Committee, World Federalist Movement WFM-IGP. He graduated in philosophy and mathematics before serving in the British Army. He then worked in finance, in derivatives and hedge funds. Nationality: UK.

Jake Sanders

Media consultant, worked all around South East Asia for three decades in TV and Radio Admin/ Marketing and Production, print magazines, outdoor media and hundreds of events and promotions. Clients included major SE Asian airlines, tourism departments, food and beverage companies. Nationality: New Zealand.

Rick Wicks

Council member, Streit Council. He was a co-founder of World Democracy News, was its editor in 1987-89, as well as Vice President and President of the World Government Organizations Coalition, 1988-90. He is also a member of the Swedish Atlantic Council. Nationality: US.


Global Challenges Foundation

Global Challenges Foundation (Sweden) funded the development of our proposal and our participation in the 2018 Paris Peace Forum.

World Citizens Association

World Citizens Association (Australia) has agreed to provide support to our organization.

World Federalist Movement

The World Federalist Movement (WFM-IGP) has officially recognized our Coalition as a Transnational Working Group in the area of peace and security, and supports in principle the concept of a World Community of Democratic Nations, as one
possible first step towards a democratic world federation.

World Citizens March

World Citizens March (France) has agreed to provide support to our organization.

Stimson Center

The Just Security 2020 program of the Stimson Center (USA) has agreed to support our organization.

Institute for Global Peace & Sustainable Governance

Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance (Australia) has agreed to provide support to our organization.