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DefendDemocracy Virtual Event: How to Unite the World’s Democratic Forces

#DefendDemocracy Virtual Event on 

“How to Unite the World’s Democratic Forces” organized by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation in partnership with the Coalition for a World Security Community of Democracies (CWSC).

In case you missed it, check out what our experts had to say about President Biden’s trip to Europe, the upcoming G7 meeting, the formation of a Democracies 10/11, and what to expect from Biden’s Summit for Democracy.

“The world needs to not only a global policeman to restore international law and order, but also a global fireman to extinguish all the fires that have broken out because of the lack of American leadership in recent years.”

– Anders Fogh Rasmussen

“The key thing about democracies is that we are self correcting – we listen and we improve. Autocracies do not.”

– Lord Mark Sedwill

“We envisage a global community of democratic nations, led by the D10/D15 and with NATO and OECD as executive arms.”

– Didier Jacobs

“What binds together these forces is that we need a better strategy to deal with the challenges from China and Russia”

– Ash Jain

Watch the full discussion here or below.

Our Founder, Anders Fogh Rasmussen mentioned the Copenhagen Charter which calls for an alliance of democracies to coalesce. These opportunities must be seized. This is why we, as democracy organizations and individuals, propose three specific areas for returning democratic multilateralism to its ascendancy. 

3 points for the Copenhagen Charter:

  1. Economic article 5
  2. Making take work for democracy
  3. Stand-up for democracy champions.

Learn more and sign up here. 

Mentioned during the discussion, Atlantic Council’s Ash Jain introduced the newly launched report on “From the G7 to a D-10: Strengthening democratic cooperation for today’s challenges”.

Check out the full report  here.

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In case you missed it, watch the 2021 Copenhagen Democracy Summit here.




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